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South Cotabato intensifies massive vet services

Koronadal City---Animal health workers in South Cotabato continue to conduct an intensified blood sampling, the easiest way to ensure animals are safe from diseases that could create an economic loss, Provincial Veterinary official confirmed. Dr. Flora Bigot, PVET Officer-In-Charge, said South Cotabato is still free from foot and mouth disease and Bird Flu, which recently brought alarm in the country. "Despite the lift on shipment ban of chicken and other poultry animals, we are still conducting blood sampling to guard the province against any disease," Bigot said in an interview. PVET spearheaded the reactivation of municipal Bird Flu Taskforce and continued the Bird Flu Monitoring. AT least 285 Animal Health Workers were trained to help carry out services of PVET, Bigot stressed out. PVET also used 22, 000 doses of deworming, serving at least 500 farmers in the province, to prevent health issues and eliminate stomach parasites among large animals. "This will help animals increase their appetite and nutrient utilization," Bigot explained. This September, PVET is in its second round of giving out vitamin supplementation and castration. "This will also prevent the animals against New Castle Disease and Hemorrhagic Septicemia," she said. Meanwhile, 33, 000 or 52 percent of the dog population is vaccinated as of June, serving 18, 000 dog farmers in the province. To control the dog population, 94 dogs are castrated, according to PVET record. "With appropriate veterinary services, a likely return net benefit to our animal farmers and a huge economic advantage to our province," she added.

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South Cotabato strengthens mental health services

Koronadal City---With the sudden increase in suicide rates in South Cotabato, the Integrated Provincial Health Office capacitates its health workers to create strategies, benefitting those suffering from mental illness. Jade Javellana, Mental Health Program Coordinator, said a private partner collaborates with the Lake Sebu Municipal Health Officer Dr. Jospehine Bayquin to capacitate health workers and build up efforts for potential medical actions. "The team will be back in a couple of months to conduct another consultation," Javellana said. South Cotabato recorded 21 incidents of suicide, 15 are males and six are females, according to Javellana. "The reasons are diverse," he said. Three ended their lives because of frustrations while another three of the victims died because of love and passion. Javellana also pointed out other reasons are depression and family problems, health issues and are mentally challenged persons. "It boils down to hopelessness," Javellana further explained. The profile of the involved victims are students, jobless persons, a housewife, a tourist and elderly. The record also revealed, 14 ended their lives through hanging, two jumped from a building, four used a gun and a knife and one drank a poison. "Talk to him and don't leave him," Javellana advised to everyone who knows of someone who attempts to kill himself. Javellana said discussing suicide openly is a therapy. "It's ok to ask him why he attempts to kill himself." September is a national suicide prevention month.

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SoCot scores 90, maintains CROWN award

Koronadal City---South Cotabato maintained a high score of 90 percent during the national validation of the National Nutrition Council (NNC) which "maintains the Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition for the first year towards the National Honor Award journey." Alona Teo, NNC Nutrition Officer II, said the score is based on the 60 percent management of the municipal nutrition program and the changes in the nutritional status of children and the 40 percent average final score of municipalities. "We commend the strong support of local chief executives and the legislative body by providing sufficient budgetary allocation for the nutrition program," Teo stressed out during the exit conference. The team observed the high level of awareness of committee members, from the province until at the barangay level, of their roles and responsibilities. They also noted that there is a deployment of Barangay Nutrition Scholars for every barangay. Dr. Azucena Dayanghirang, Deputy Executive Director, supported the good partnership of the provincial government to NGOs, business sector, religious groups and people's organizations. "The cooperation of all stakeholders means a lot to the government. What is good is, you have pulled resources from partners" Dayanghirang said. Nutripan Bakeries, a joint project of LGU and private partner Mahintana Foundation, scaled up as strategies to answer malnutrition in schools. However, the NNC team recommended the shift of supplementary feeding program to evidence-based intervention and the conduct of impact assessment of various strategies or programs for baseline and end line data. In the last three years since 2014, the prevalence of underweight preschool children is declining. From 7. 25 percent in 2014 to 5.15 percent in 2016. The data also recorded a decrease in the number of underweight school children, from 13.26 [...]

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SoCot hurdles but optimistic to ace SGLG national validation

Koronadal City---As a consistent Seal of Good Local Governance performer, South Cotabato hurdles the national validation for the 2017 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) recently. Gov. Daisy Avance-Fuentes appreciated the focus of SGLG in pushing local governments to perform exemplary governance. "The SGLG serve as our minimum standard of service delivery and I believe it becomes our way of life," Fuentes, who is also a three-time Galing Pook awardee, said during the onsite inspection and utilization conference with the local functionaries and heads of offices. DILG national validators recognized the efforts of the provincial government to meet added essential criteria which include business friendliness and competitiveness, peace and order, and environmental protection. SGLG gauged the core and essential areas using the 4+1 principle, the four core areas are Financial Administration, Disaster Preparedness, Social Protection and Peace and Order while the following are the essential areas: Business Friendliness and Competitiveness, Environmental Management and Tourism, Culture and the Arts. "They are still looking into the GSIS remittances and the compliance of the Provincial Capitol for being a PWD-friendly government institution," Fuentes said. South Cotabato is a recipient of SGLG marker in 2014. All qualified LGUs will be conferred with a 2017 SGLG marker and a cash incentive through the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) to finance their local development initiatives. A special distinction meanwhile will be given to LGUs which have consistently passed all the assessment areas from 2015.

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SoCot student filmmakers vie to bag PopCom best indie film

Koronadla City---Young filmmakers in South Cotabato are determined to bring back this year's Best Indie Film for Adolescent Health and Development Program, a film festival spearheaded by the Regional Commission on Population. Crispy Arves, AHD Program Coordinator, said the student filmmakers from Tupi National High School will represent the province team during the 3rd Regional Independent Film Festival Contest on October. "We are confident that we will get it since our students have a unique story to tell," Arves said. The workshop aims to equip the students with the proper knowledge and skills in preparation for the regional film festival. This year's theme is "Post Millineal Filipinos: Renewed Hope and Risk."

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SoCot development partners commit participation to implement convergence plan

Koronadal City---Development partners of the Provincial Government of South Cotabato pledged to contribute at least million-worth of road projects, capability and capacity training for livelihood, health, financial literacy and community empowerment, arm chairs and other construction materials for school, feeding program, augmentation of sanitary toilet to Sitio Traanlateng in Barangay Kematu, Tboli, a pilot beneficiary of the Convergence Program for Poverty Reduction of South Cotabato. At least 20 national agencies, non-government organizations and the LGU Tboli has committed its resources to implement the Convergence Plan of Action of the province to meet unmet needs of the identified dimensions of the three-year program. Gov. Daisy Avance-Fuentes expressed her gratitude for the "faithful cooperation" of the stakeholders to implement the initial stage of the program as everybody are eager to join the province endeavor to pull poor communities out of poverty. "Kami ay handang tumanggap ng inyong tulong sa paraan at prosesong gusto ninyo," Fuentes said during a Stakeholder's Forum, respecting each group's community social mobilization process. However, the Provincial Government stressed that all grant and aid shall pass through the Convergence Officer for a smooth implementation of the program. The grand launching of the program will be on September 15.

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2 SoCot institutions present breastfeeding best practices

Koronadal City---Two of the numerous hospitals and organizations in South Cotabato were chosen to present their best practices in the implementation of baby-friendly initiatives during a DOH initiated Breastfeeding Summit recently. Dr. Amebella Taruc, OIC-Director III, said more institutions in the region pledged a commitment in support of the effort to promote the establishment of breastfeeding rooms at the workplace and more hospitals are declared Mother-Baby Hospitals. Dole Philippines, Inc. and Howard Hubbard Hospital are one of the institutions in South Cotabato that join the quality improvement initiative focusing on maternity care practices leading to the Baby-Friendly designation in hospitals and workplaces. "The best benefit of breastfeeding is the connection and the bonding of mother and child," Taruc explained. Taruc said a mother who breastfeeds her child could save at least P4, 000 compared to a mother who buys formula milk. In South Cotabato, health authorities are helping offices and hospitals, both in private and government, in the processing and accreditation of the Baby-Friendly practices. However, transportation company Yellow Bus Line Inc. and malls like KCC have established a lactation room to cater passengers and consumers who are breastfeeding. Like Dolefil that supports breastfeeding women who work, beginning with providing breastfeeding and nursing stations in the workplace for breastfeeding mother-employees. Jessen Masukat, DOH Nutritionist and Dietician, said all private and government hospitals offering maternity and newborn care may be accredited as “Mother-Baby Friendly” if they implement the “10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding” adopted from the global Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The 10 steps include having a written breastfeeding policy, training healthcare staff to implement the policy, teaching mothers to practice rooming-in or staying [...]

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1600 people in South Cotabato to benefit nutrition packs

Koronadal City---The Hapag-Asa Integrated Nutrition Program will commence in South Cotabato this year as one of the strategies of the province from a new partner to fight malnutrition. The program will cater at least 1600 preschoolers, senior citizens and breastfeeding mothers from far-flung areas with high incidence of malnutrition. Ana Uy, Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer-In-Charge, confirmed the towns of Banga, Lake Sebu, Norala, Polomolok, Sto. Nino, Suralah, Tantangan and Tupi are covered in the program. In partnership with Barangay Affairs Unit, PSWDO thru its Nutrition Section, identified 30 sitios and purok covered by the Development Alternative Framework Program, a community empowerment program under the office the governor. Cartoons of Manna packs, a packed meal formula developed by food science and nutritionists to supplement nutritional needs and reduce problems with malnutrition, arrived in South Cotabato recently. Uy, who is also the Provincial Nutrition Action Officer, said the Provincial Government of South Cotabato shouldered at least P40,000 shipping cost for the transfer of the nutritious pack meal. "We are grateful for our new partner in the nutrition program who joins our campaign to fight malnutrition," Uy said. The Manna packs are given by Hapag-Asa Integrated Nutrition Program of the Pinoy Community Foundation which partners with Feed the Children Philippines which produced the formulated food pack. "Manna pack is an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates and important nutrient culturally acceptable worldwide," Uy said.

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Two more communication radio towers installed

Koronadal City---To guarantee that barangays in South Cotabato are reached through radio communication especially during disaster and emergency, the Provincial Government installed two more radio communication towers recently. Freddie Daylusan, Radio Room Unit Head, said the newly established communication tower will help boost the reach of the province to communicate barangays located in mountainous areas. "Access to speedy communication is a challenge in many communities in South Cotabato because some part of the province is landlocked and would take days to deliver important messages," Daylusan expressed. With a budget allocation from the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management, the provincial government install repeater antenna in Barangay Kablon and Barangay Tasiman in the towns of Tupi and Lake Sebu. As of press time, SOuth Cotabato has a total of six radio communication towers located in far-flung communities to meet the information and communications needs of people, especially during a crisis. Daylusan said radio communication is a critical form to help communities from preparedness (such as early warning systems) to disaster response.

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South Cotabato sets to establish blood council

Koronadal City---The provincial government of South Cotabato will release an executive order for the establishment of a Provincial Blood Council to "strengthen the coordination and networking of Blood Service Facilities towards effective, efficient and well-coordinated implementation of the voluntary blood donation program in the province." Dr. Alah Baby Vingno, Assistant Provincial Health Officer, said during the consultative meeting which gathered government, non-government organizations, public and private partners for wider involvement of voluntary blood donation in the province. "The activity aims to ensure an adequate supply of safe blood in the community through our partnership, coordination, and networking," Vingno stressed out in an interview. The council will assist in the formulation of the local blood donation program, plans and implements public education, advocacy, and donor recruitment activities, organizes mobile blood collection activities in coordination, spearheads/assists fund sourcing/raising activities, strengthens linkages of local hospitals, facilities and coordinates and monitors implementation of local blood donation program, Vingno emphasized. There are at least 4, 000 blood donors in South Cotabato as of January to June this year. It is only .43 percent of the total number of population in the province, provincial health record revealed. Eighty-nine percent or at least 4000 of the donors submit themselves voluntarily but 10.50 percent of the total number are replacement blood donation. "The DOH mandates to stop replacement blood donation and instead achieve 100% voluntary blood collection for patients. The policy says that replacement blood donation is illegal," Vingno said. In South Cotabato, there are eight established blood stations, two blood banks and a blood collection unit specifically located in the City of Koronadal, Suralah, Norala and Polomolok. The record showed that 94.60 percent of blood donated are utilized and only one percent [...]

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