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Mutya ng South Cotabato is the Most Talented Millennial

Reigning Mutya ng South Cotabato Miss Camille Folio won the Best in Talent award during the recently concluded Miss Millennial Philippines 2017 held in Metro Manila. The pageant was held in time for the 38th year anniversary of GMA’s oldest running show Eat Bulaga was participated in by 38 candidates from different cities and provinces in the country. Miss Folio presented during the talent competition performed the authentic Tboli dance entitled Madal Tahu. Clad in her traditional Tboli costume and kulintang, Miss Universe 3rd Runner-Up Shamcey Supsup was impressed by her performance. In gratitude, this is what Miss Folio has to say from her facebook page “maraming salamat po talaga sa lahat na tumulong sa akin para mapaganda ko po yung talent ko. 😘 first of all kay sir Richard Superio for the routine ng sayaw, kay sir Ivan Raborar for my beautiful t'boli outfit, kay sir Jimmy Gayanilo sa pagsama sa akin sa t'boli, sa mga katutubong kapatid namin sa t'boli na nagturo sa akin paano magtugtog ng kulintang (sorry po kung nahirapan kayong magturo sa akin Sa mga magulang ko na nag asikaso ng mga props and accessories ko, sa mga backup dancers ko and sa nagpahiram ng kulintang kase parang na sira yung kulintang na dala namin from south cotabato 😭 and of course kay papa God sa lahat niya na blessings and sa pagtouch niya sa mga puso ng mga taong tumulong sa akin. to god be all the glory. ” She received P50,000 cash prize for said award. During the final pageant at the Mall of Asia Arena, provincial officials led by Vice-Governor Vicente De Jesus together with Board Members Ester Marin Catorce, BM Agustin Dema-ala, BM Dardanilo Dar, and [...]

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SouthCot to establish South Cotabato Economic Enterprises Management Office

The South Cotabato Board has approved an ordinance for the creation of a new office which will serve as a vehicle to increase income for the province. During its regular session, the South Cotabato Board has approved Resolution No. 414 which enacts Ordinance No.29 creating South Cotabato Economic Enterprises (SCEE) and the South Cotabato Economic Enterprises Management Office (SCEEMO). Under said ordinance, the SCEE was created to provide a wider access to goods and services with pricing that is affordable to a larger segment of the population, attract investors by providing key services not provided by the private sector, and contribute to local revenue and resource mobilization by generating modest financial surpluses through financial self-sufficiency. Further, the South Cotabato Economic Enterprises (SCEE) was created to comprise income-generating services and/or facilities, owned and managed by the Provincial Government of South Cotabato; namely, South Cotabato Sports Complex, Productivity and Technology Center, South Cotabato Gymnasium and Cultural Center, Seven Falls and Zipline Eco- tourism Development Project and other enterprises as may be declared through an ordinance. Owned and managed by the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, a Management Regulatory Board was created to act as policy-making body and oversee its operations. This will be headed by Govenror Daisy Avance-Fuentes as the Chairperson and Vice-Governo Vicente De Jesus as the Vice- Chair. Its membership shall comprise the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) Chairman, Committee on Trade, Commerce and Industry, Economic Affairs and Investment; SP Chairman, Committee on Ways and Means;Provincial Treasurer; Provincial Accountant; Provincial Budget Officer; Provincial Legal Officer; Provincial Engineer; Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator; Provincial General Services Officer; Representative from the South Cotabato Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. ; General Manager, SCEEMO.

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Lake Sebu fish cage operators to receive P3 million worth of “Commodity Assistance”

Lake Sebu fish cage operators affected by the recent fish kill will benefit from the P3 million worth of “Commodity Assistance” from the provincial government of South Cotabato. This was after the South Cotabato Board in its regular session has approved the Resolution No. 415 which enacts Ordinance No. 30 that authorizes Governor Daisy Avance –Fuentes to enter into a deed of donation with fish cage operators affected by fish kill in Lake Sebu. Based on the said ordinance, the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, the Municipality of Lake Sebu and the abovementioned fish cage operators have entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) under the scheme of Convert Now, Pay later System, for the conversion of fish cages in Lake Sebu affected by fish kill. The funds will be taken from the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund-Investment Plan (PDRRMF-IP). Early this year, the local government of Lake Sebu has placed the whole town under the state of calamity due to the massive fish kill that caused P124.5 million damage to fishery. At least three barangays of Bacdulong, Poblacion and Takonel were hardly hit by the fish kill and were first placed under the state of calamity . Mayor Antonio Fungan said, a clean-up drive was conducted to eradicate the stinks or awful smell caused by dead fish and the clearing of water hyacinths along the lake. Fungan added, they are also taking into consideration the recommendations set by the Bureau of Fishery and Aquatic Resources and the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist on how to find solution to the problem on overcrowded lake and the massive occurrence of fish kill in the area.

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South Cotabato Gov to enter into IMA with DA-12 for the P17.9 million cacao project

South Cotabato Governor Daisy P. Avance- Fuentes is set to enter into an Implementation Management Agreement (IMA) with the Department of Agriculture-Regional Office XII (DA-ROXII) for the implementation of the Philippine Rural Development (PRDP) Sub-project, “Integrated Cacao Production, Processing and Marketing of Fermented Cacao Beans”. This was after the South Cotabato Board approved the Resolution No. 417 which enacts Ordinance No. 31 that authorizes the governor to enter into the IMA with DA-12. Earlier, the DA National Project Coordination Office has issued the No Objection Letter to the Integrated Cacao Production, Processing and Marketing of Fermented Cacao Beans in the Province of South Cotabato and is set to release funds and implement the sub-project; The said sub-project which aims to increase farmers’ productivity and income by producing cacao beans and expansion of cacao production in the province has a total business plan in the amount of P17.9 million. At least two clusters in the province composed of six cooperatives will lead the project . At the Upper valley area, the Cluster lead will be the Cacao Coffee Growers Association (CACOGRAS) with the Lambayong Diversified Farmers Cooperative (LDFC) and Palo 19 Farmers Association (PFA) as Cluster Members. For the Lower Valley, the Lead Proponent Group is the Tibud Sa Katibawasan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Tibud SKMPC) with Glamang Small Coconut Farmers Association (GSCFA) and Tupi Banana Growers Association (TUBAGA) as Cluster Members.

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Mutya ng South Cotabato vies for Miss Millennial Philippines 2017

Reigning 2017 Mutya ng South Cotabato Camille Mirafuentes Folio will represent the province of South Cotabato for this year’s Miss Millennial Philippines with its coronation night slated on September 30 at the Mall of Asia Arena. At least 38 other beautiful young ladies from other provinces across the country will vie for the most coveted crown. The pageant is line with GMA’s longest noontime show Eat Bulaga, in celebration of its 38th year anniversary. “Miss Millennial Philippines is not just a typical pageant. Its’ a different kind of pageant wherein 38 candidates representing 38 different provinces and cities in the country converge to come up with a gargantuan purpose, to promote the beauty of the Philippines through tourism.”, Its official page says. Earlier, Miss Camille Folio received positive reviews on her talent portion as she portrayed the Tboli dance which best represents the culture and arts of the province. Folio is asking the support of her fellow South Cotabateños as the official online voting and text votes for the Bayanihan Queen award officially starts. This online and text votes contest will give the province of the winning candidate a chance to receive Php1 million worth of project. The winning candidate for this year’s pageant will receive P500,000 cash, a condo unit, an SUV Fortuner and a contract with Eat Bulaga. No less then Vice-Governor Vicente De Jesus and members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan will be present during the Coronation day on September 30 at the MOA arena.

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2 coops get four units of Abaca Stripping Machines

In support to the Abaca Industry in the province, the provincial government of South Cotabato is set to give four (4) units of Abaca Stripping Machines to the Klowil Agricultural Enterprise Multi-Purpose Cooperative (KAEMPC) and South Cotabato Rubber Based Farming Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SCRBFMPC). Said equipment to be given to the recipients at two (2) units each costs Php162,500.00 each or a total of Php648,000.00. Base don its specification, the portable big type with Diesel Engine Abaca Stripping Machine can produce at least 200 to 300 strips per hour . It weighs 90 kgs and can be dismantled in 3 major parts. It has a fiber output of 80-100 kg/day and a fuel consumption of 5 liters/day. South Cotabato Governor Daisy Avance-Fuentes is set to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with these two recipients, the KAEMPC to be represented by Tomas A. Gapus and SCRBFMPC to be represented by Norma C. Lumbay. will be the recipients of said equipment. During its regular session early this week, members of the Sanggunianiang Panlalwigan has approved resolution No. 410 authored by Hon. Romulo Solivio to grant authority to Governor Fuentes to enter into a MOA with the two recipients. The resolution provides the provision of said equipment is beneficial in the promotion of livelihood program particularly on abaca industry.

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100 farmers attend training on cacao planting in SouthCot

The Department of Agriculture-High Value Crops Development Program in Region 12 recently trained at least 100 farmers in South Cotabato on new technologies in propagating cacao. Farmer attendees came from cacao producing municipalities within the province. They were trained by experts coming from the Amas Research and Experiment Station of DA-12. Part of the training was the visit at the Gernel’s Farm in the City of Koronadal to observe proper techniques in planting cacao. The DA-12 is also set to conduct the same training in other provinces within the reigon.

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500 farmers attend Hybrid Rice Harvest Festival

KORONADAL CITY - More than 500 farmers in South Cotabato recently attended the Hybrid Rice Harvest Festival 2017 at Farmers Field Day held Brgy. Concepcion this city The activity was successfully conducted in support to the Rice Hybridization of the Department of Agriculture. DA-12 Admin and Finance Chief Maria Cecilia Frando encouraged farmers to plant hybrid rice seeds to ensure higher yields “We need to be rice-sufficient in order to do away with rice importation.” Se said, Part of the activity was the showcase of different hybrid rice varieties from hybrid seed companies. Farmers expressed their gratitude to the agriculture department in bringing interventions and technologies in support to the rice production in the region. They were also given free hybrid seeds for planting. Aside from South Cotabato, the same activity will also be held in other parts of the region to make a widespread information dissemination campaign on the program.

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PTO generates Php1.23 Billion in eight months

The Provincial Treasurer’s Office has accomplished at least P1.23 Billion for the first eight months of the year based on actual collections. Based on the report on Revenue and Receipts, bulk of the collection came from the local government share on Internal Revenue collection worth P897.7 million. Hospital fees have generated a total of P229.4 million, while the tax revenue from real property taxes reach a total of P38.19 million. Out of the P1.7 billion estimated revenue this year, the province has a balanced of P496.24 million. Newly installed provincial Treasurer Alvim Batol said, these balances can be reached by the end of December. Batol disclosed the province is still IRA dependent despite reaching its target. He called on tax payers to pay their taxes promptly and help the province generate income. The PTO also exerted efforts to increase revenues using different strategies.

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PADAC gives weight to Rehab and Integration of SPID clients on this year’s Outstanding MADAC Search

Local initiatives on drug rehabilitation and integration of the Surfacing Personalities Involved on Drugs (SPID) will be one of the criteria for the upcoming Search for Outstanding Municipal Anti Drug Abuse Council in the province. The search which will be launched in October is in preparation for the upcoming celebration of the Provincial Drug Abuse Prevention and Control week celebration slated on the third week of November. Based on this year’s criteria, majority or 75 percent of the indicators will come from the Anti-Illegal Drugs Programs, Projects and Activities(PPAS) of the MADAC. Aside from the Drug Rehab and integration which comprise the 25%, other indicators will also include the enforcement coming from police authorities and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency which is 25% . indicators to look into with this criteria will be the percentage of the apprehension whether these are High Value Target , street level target and newly identified target. Percentage of drug cleared barangays are also given into consideration. The remaining 25 percent is on advocacy which include the conduct of orientation, symposium, trainings and other activities supported by the council. On the otherhand, the remaining 25 % are intended for the other indicators such as the functionality of the council and support mechanisms which remain as part of the yearly search.

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