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    Maayong Adlaw!

    Welcome to the province of South Cotabato, a land of utmost bounty and an attractive destination for trade, commerce, investment, and tourism. The synergized efforts and collaboration of the various development venues have undoubtedly optimized the province’s progress.

    On behalf of the warm and welcoming people of the dynamic province of South Cotabato, we proudly invite you to come and discover an extraordinary experience; A land blessed with a vibrant spirit truly of its own. Welcome to our unique South Cotabato, our southern paradise home that’s ready to become yours!

    South Cotabato is a natural haven for both relaxing and adventurous endeavors. It has all the cityscape extras one may want for a comfortable stay without the big city worries. Here we take pleasure in the simple ease of time and transport, modest costs, safety as well as proximity to everything under the sun, catering to the whims of even the discerning traveler. This laid back way of life sets the province’s tempo of many striking contrasts that blends the east with the west, the old-world with the contemporary and the everyday with the exotic.

    An attractive destination for trade, commerce, investment and tourism, South Cotabato’s lineup of destinations is topped by the thrilling Seven Falls Zipline adventure that is set amidst awe-inspiring views of Lake Sebu’s waterfalls. Also a “must-experience” is the province’s annual T’nalak Festival celebrated every second week of July which pays homage to South Cotabato’s ultimate cultural emblem and best represents the fusion of cultures in this dynamic land, truly an event that benchmarks what makes the South Cotabateño truly world class.

    On behalf of the people of South Cotabato, I proudly invite you to enjoy the unique South Cotabato experience, one that is simply beyond your expectations. We look forward to having you with us!

    Provincial Governor



    She is a lawyer and a public servant for 27 years. She started as a Senior Provincial Board Member of South Cotabato, a four term Representative of the 2nd district and a four term Governor of the Province of South Cotabato.

    Currently, she holds the position of the Chairperson of the Regional Peace and Order Council 12 (RPOC 12). In 2004-2005, she had been the Chairperson of its Regional Development Council (RDC). She also became the President of the Confederation of Provincial Governors, City and Municipal Mayor’s League Presidents of Mindanao in 2007-2010. As a representative, she had been elected as an Assistant Minority leader of the 10th Congress, the Deputy Speaker for Mindanao of the 11th Congress and Deputy Majority Leader of the 15th Congress.

    Under her administration, the province became a Galing Pook Awardee in 2013 in recognition of its efforts on the establishment of the Cluster Sanitary Landfill in Surallah, South Cotabato.
    Likewise, the province was declared as Hall of Fame Awardee in Region XII for having the Best Prepared Provincial Disaster Coordination Council.

    Last year, the province was once again the recipient of 2 Galing Pook awards for the programs: “Minahang Bayanihan: South Cotabato Small Scale Mining Program” and “The Friendly Drugs: A PPP on Health Plus Project”.

    Under her administration, South Cotabato was also chosen as the 2015 Best Anti Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) at the Provincial Level Nationwide, with one of its municipalities, Sto. Niño.

    The province was also declared as the 4th Most Competitive Province in the country by the National Competitiveness Council.

    It is also consistently declared as a Green Banner Regional Awardee for Nutrition and Population, a Seal of Good Local Governance Awardee- the only province in Region XII with all of its local government units as awardees of the Seal of Good Local Housekeeping- and recently, a province with all of its LGU’s 10-year Solid Waste Management Plan approved by DENR-EMB all at the same time.
    All these awards and recognitions affirm that our Governor is not only an accomplished person but a leader that inspires and unifies.

    A woman with Integrity, Gov. Daisy P. Avance Fuentes.



    Provincial Governor
    Province of South Cotabato
    2013 to date

    2nd District, South Cotabato
    2010 – 2013

    Provincial Governor
    Province of South Cotabato
    2001 – 2010

    2nd District, South Cotabato
    1992 – 2001

    Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member
    Province of South Cotabato
    1988 – 1992

    Legal Practice, South Cotabato
    1985 – 1988

    Radio Scriptwriter
    POPCOM, Region VI
    1980 – 1984


    Most Outstanding Provincial Governor
    Association of Social Welfare and Development
    Officers of the Philippines, Inc.
    Davao City
    April 26, 2017

    Outstanding Personnel Administrator
    Civil Service Commission
    September 27, 2002

    Centralian Distinguished Award
    CPU Alumni Association, Iloilo City
    September 5, 1998

    September 1, 1998

    Best Alumna (College of Law)
    CPU, Iloilo City
    March 22, 1996

    August 3, 1995

    Purple Feather Leadership Award
    January 21, 1993


    Sustainable Future through Project DAF

    Despite South Cotabato’s various economic and social developments, there remained a number of poor communities in the province the government is struggling to reach. But, through its strong will to help and serve those in need, slowly these communities are being reached, served, and given livelihood programs through the province’s Development Alternative Framework Project (Project DAF) to help them build a sustainable and stable future for themselves and their families.

    Eugenio Ambalong, 50 years old, and Romulo Franco, 67 years old, of Brgy. Cacub, Purok Damsite, located in what seems to be a secluded part of Koronadal City, are just some of the many beneficiaries of Project DAF since during its first implementation in 2013.

    Horses and cows worth forty thousand pesos in total was given to their Purok after a long series of socio-economic research, consultation meetings, and agreements with the province’s Barangay Affairs Unit (BAU) whose in-charge of the implementation of the said program.

    With an income of only 200 pesos per day, these men who greatly depend on fruit farming and part-time jobs are struggling to ensure their big families are well provided for.

    Eugenio admitted that having six dependents with such meager income can be disheartening sometimes. Romulo shared the same sentiments.
    Almost three years after the implementation of Project DAF in their residence, Eugenio and Romulo are slowly ripping the fruit of their livelihood projects – their cows and horses are now bearing offspring which will be distributed to other members of their Purok.

    “Even if the process is somewhat slow, at least it is sure. The moment we get to have more cows and horses, the more sources of income we’ll have and the stable our income will be,” said Romulo in Hiligaynon.

    A smile of hope lit up their face as they shared their gratefulness to what the provincial government has provided for them.
    In a hush tone of calmness and disbelief, Eugenio narrated it was through DAF that he felt the government’s concern and care for them in all his years of living in Purok Damsite.

    Other sitios in the province chosen to be beneficiaries of Project DAF received livelihood projects of their own requests, same as with Purok Damsite. This time, they are also reaping the fruits of their livelihood projects.

    BAU Community Organizers are still in constant contact with all the recipients to provide guidance.