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Provincial Engineer’s Office (PEO)

Is mandated to plan, administer and implement programs on infrastructure development, public works and other engineering services of the provincial government. It has four divisions that are directly involved in engineering operations with the following specific functions: Planning, Designing and Programming Division – conducts survey and planning for proposed engineering projects. Construction and Maintenance Division – implements, monitors and inspects projects relative to repair and maintenance of provincial roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects. It also conducts inventory of provincial roads and bridges for the re-establishment of road-right-of ways. Quality Control Division – ensures that engineering works are done in accordance to standards and specifications. Equipment Pool Division – It is responsible for the repair and maintenance of engineering equipment to be deployed to various projects implemented by the office.


Prime Builder of functioning and well- maintained road networks and other resilient infrastructures and facilities.


Develop disaster resilient infrastructure promoting quality design, project implementation and maintenance.