Provincial hospital claims ‘no more over-crowded’ patients at the lobby

Koronadal City—Provincial hospital lobby is cleared from over-crowded patients for the first time for the management transferred them to a temporary ward at the back of the hospital.

Dr. Conrado Brana, provincial hospital chief, said his team is forced to get creative in accommodating the overflow of patients, a perennial problem of the hospital for years.

“We have converted the hospital gym into temporary wards to clear out the patients at the lobby,” Brana said.

The hospital chief said a supplementary fund allocates the purchase of additional industrial fans and curtains to ensure patients are comfortable and still have dignity even staying in unconventional wards.

However, the problem on overcrowded will be managed as soon as the new building will be turned over to the provincial hospital.

The DOH-funded three-storey building at right wing of hospital could house 50 more patients, Brana said.

But, he cleared out the management will still maintain the temporary ward because they still believed that the hospital will experience patient surges.

DOH accredited the provincial hospital for 200-bed capacity but patient capacity reached as high as 270 based on its daily floor census.

“At the moment, we are happy the lobby has been cleared out of patients,” Brana said.

However, Brana is still working double-time to make patients more comfortable in the new temporary ward.

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